Everything can be framed - but not everything should be..

Our Mountboards  

Mountboards or window mounts (or mats - US) are often used with artwork in order to further enhance items to be framed but a principle purpose is also to make sure that artwork, particularly original pieces of art, are kept away from direct contact with the glass.  The vagaries of temperature and humidity can cause damage to artwork if it is in contact with the glass.
There is a wide selection of colours to choose from and it is important to ensure that the colour chosen compliments the artwork and doesn't compete with it for the viewers attention.  The artwork should always remain the focal point, not the frame moulding nor the mountboard.


Mount Options

There are various options available as regards mounting artwork including:-

  • Single Mounts
  • Double Mounts
  • Mounts with decorative elements including coloured wash lines and 'V' grooves
  • Multi aperture mounts
  • Title apertures
  • Deep bevel mounts
  • Offset corner mounts
  • Oval mounts

We will always recommend the appropriate standard of mount based on the value, type and intended purpose of artwork etc.  The highest standard of framing is level 1 or Museum Level framing where the materials used including mountboard, tapes etc are all designed with longevity in mind and the artwork should be protected for in excess of 35 years.
Level 2 framing or Conservation Standard uses methods designed to protect and preserve artwork for future generations in excess of 20 years.  Level 3 or mid-level is intended to provide a moderate level of protection and level 4 using more basic materials for more low value items where budget is a consideration.
We will always advise customers appropriately but our default position is to try to use conservation level  materials and methods wherever possible.             
If you have a specific project that requires conservation level materials, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss it.